The Orpailleur Frisant labels, a nod to historical works

Découvrez les clins d'œil amusants derrière les étiquettes du Frisant!

Did you know that each of the Frisant vintages highlights a natural ally of the Vineyard’s fauna and flora?

Indeed, the label of each vintage is nicely illustrated by local artist Stéphane Lemardelé. In addition, each year the latter is inspired by a historical work to showcase our labels!

We invite you to discover the inspiration behind each of our labels.

Cuvée 2021 - The touch of ladybugs

We chose to highlight ladybugs for our very first vintage. They are naturally present in the vineyard ecosystem and play an essential role in protecting our vines. Feeding on harmful insects (aphids), they are valuable allies of our sustainable viticulture.

A ladybug predating a colony of aphids which are harmful to the vine.

Artist's inspiration

To feature our ladybugs, Stéphane Lemardelé was inspired by The Creation of Adam which is one of the 9 frescoes, painted by Michelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, in the Vatican Museums in Rome.

Cuvée 2022 - The young blackbird gimlet

The 2022 vintage highlighted the Blue Merle, a bird in significant decline in Quebec. It is present in our ecosystem thanks to the nest boxes placed around the Vineyard. This insectivore plays an essential role in protecting our vines by consuming more than 1,000 insects per day during the nesting period.

  • Artist Inspiration: The Girl with a Pearl Earring an oil painting on canvas by the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer around 1665.

CUVÉE 2023

The 2023 vintage highlights the tree swallows and nest boxes of the Vineyard. Thanks to around a hundred nest boxes, the Orpailleur is a sanctuary for tree swallows. It is a valuable ally of our sustainable culture by contributing to the natural and ecological regulation of insects harmful to the vine while increasing our local biodiversity.
The new vintage will be on sale very soon!

  • Artist Inspiration: American Gothic a 1930 painting by Grant Wood.

Have you had the chance to taste Orpailleur Frisant ?

It is a slightly sparkling summer aperitif with muscat notes, a slight curl that tickles the palate on the attack and a pleasant liveliness. Refreshing, this rosé will be particularly appreciated during the hot summer season. It will also delight your taste buds all year round!

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