New biodiversity preservation project

Nouveau projet de préservation de la biodiversité

L’Orpailleur is delighted to work with the Granby Zoo and the Dura-club inc. as part of the new project “ Biodiversity in agricultural environments and ecological corridors – a reciprocal service! "

Granby Zoo experts targeted 7 wine growers and/or apple growers in the Town of Dunham with the aim of actively studying and preserving the biodiversity of the same forest corridor.

Over 2 years, the zoo's team of conservation and research biologists will carry out wildlife inventories in order to discover:

  • the animal species found in the Vineyard,
  • the measures to be put in place to protect them.

For winegrowers, a pro-biodiversity certification guide will be adapted.

Field work began in May 2024, we will keep you informed of their progress!


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Photo credit: Granby Zoo

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