the Orpailleur gets a makeover

l'Orpailleur fait peau neuve

L'Orpailleur gets a makeover | a completely redesigned visitor area

Charles-Henri de Coussergues, winemaker and co-owner of the Orpailleur vineyard, as well as his associates Hervé Durand, Frank Furtado and Pierre Rodrigue, officially inaugurate today the new environment intended for visitors to their establishment, the redesign of which was completed just time for the harvest.

This project, which represents an investment of more than $400,000, was made possible thanks to financial assistance from the Ministère du Tourisme du Québec and Tourisme Cantons-de-l'Est, carried out in close collaboration with the Société du ÉCONOMUSÉE® of which the Dunham vineyard is a member. It is the result of more than one reflection so that the Orpailleur vineyard remains a leader in terms of tourist reception.

Economuseum of the winegrower
Charles-Henri de Coussergues explains the nature of the project as follows: “ The importance we place on discovery and providing our visitors with an unforgettable experience is part of our DNA, our mission. Since day one, by introducing guided tours and an interpretation component, we have worked to demystify the world of viticulture and its artisans in Quebec. This overhaul, like our ÉCONOMUSÉE® component, is part of a desire to enhance the quality of the experience offered. We are thus consolidating our position as the preferred destination for wine tourism in Quebec, while maintaining this bond that is so dear to us with our customers. »

Charles-Henri de Coussergues | New shop

Charles-Henri de Coussergues, Winegrower co-owner

Pioneer in wine tourism in Quebec

The Minister of Tourism, Ms. Caroline Proulx, welcomes this initiative: “Agritourism is very popular around the world and wine tourism is one of the activities arousing growing interest among tourist customers. For thirty-seven years, the Orpailleur vineyard has been refining its art and has distinguished itself as a leader in viticulture in Quebec. I am certain that visitors from here and abroad will enjoy discovering its improved facilities and will retain excellent memories of their experience. »

Room 85 ECONOMUSEUM® of the winegrower
“We are happy to support innovative companies such as the Orpailleur vineyard. This vineyard, a pioneer of the Quebec wine industry, is one of its finest jewels. L'Orpailleur is an eloquent example of the art of living specific to our region. The new installations of the Économusée du vigneron will allow visitors to familiarize themselves with the century-old art of transforming grapes into delicious drinks. The fact that the vineyard is part of this network will give it visibility that goes far beyond the borders of the Cantons. Congratulations to Charles-Henri de Coussergues and his entire team! said Jean-Michel Ryan, president of Tourisme Cantons-de-l'Est.

A carefully designed course

According to Carl-Éric Guertin, General Manager of the ÉCONOMUSÉE® Network Company: "the layout of the Orpaille vineyard has been thoroughly revisited, from arrival to departure, so that the different aspects of the economuseum experience are integrated at each stage of the journey, which thus becomes more fluid and user-friendly. The educational component is now present in all the relevant spaces: history of the vineyard and of Quebec viticulture, grape cultivation, winemaking, respective roles of the vineyard manager and the cellar master and finally on the issues of sustainable cultivation and climate challenges. The feeling of discovery and meeting the craftsman is therefore omnipresent. »

Economuseum Network Society

A comfortable environment, a sought-after design

The entire space has been designed to be more functional, welcoming and warm. Even the materials have been carefully chosen to recall the work of the craftsman. The oak, used for the barrels, is present almost everywhere. A piece of furniture also incorporates authentic oak barrels. Cork has also found a place of honor in the environment. At the heart of the central room, the tasting counter, the most important element, imposes itself with elegance, with a spectacular round section reminiscent of an old wine press.

Winegrower's ECONOMUSEUM interpretation panel

A visit is essential, whatever the season

Until October 31, to enjoy the harvest season and the festive atmosphere of the Brome-Missisquoi Wine Route, you can join a guided tour of the vineyard, offered 3 times a day every day. You can also come for a free visit and buy your wine from the artisan and even, why not, buy some local products chosen by the Orpailleur. And there are discoveries to be made both outside and inside. You can enjoy the vineyard, rain or shine.

And there is no need to limit yourself to summer or the harvest period to visit the Orpailleur. The site is open year-round and thanks to its new facilities, including a section with a fireplace, visiting a vineyard becomes an activity that is both original and epicurean, regardless of the season. And let's face it, visiting a vineyard in the snow is a unique offer in Quebec and a great way to celebrate our northernness!

The Orpailleur vineyard, a pioneer in its industry in Quebec, planted its first vines in 1982 in the beautiful Dunham Valley. The ten wines of the classic Cuvée from the Orpailleur vineyard form the family of tastes that constantly pushes its limits to satisfy the taste buds of wine lovers. The signature Cuvée de l'Orpailleur illustrates the indomitable passion of the 4 founding winegrowers for vitiviniculture. With the support of Quebecers, the Orpailleur vineyard is today the Quebec leader in sales at the SAQ. Its wines are available in 335 branches and in many restaurants in Quebec. The vineyard has more than 150 medals to its credit and has been a member of the ÉCONOMUSÉE® network society since 2001.

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