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  • The best local choice

    The Vignoble de l'Orpailleur has been distributing its wines for many years, in a vast network of restaurants across Quebec.

    The 14 wines of Orpailleur testify to the enormous viticultural potential here and are known and appreciated by restaurant owners and their customers.

    True to our values ​​and our authenticity, we want to contribute to the development of restaurants, which introduce local products.

  • Quality and authenticity

    We offer local wines, with a quality and stability that have made the reputation of the Vignoble de l'Orpailleur. In addition, our wines are:

    - At reduced and attractive prices, as they come directly from the vineyard.
    - Certified "Wines of Quebec"; guarantee of quality, traceability and authenticity.
    - Stamped and delivered free with care anywhere in Quebec, directly to your restaurant.

  • A personalized service

    Since 2000, Francis Leriche has been assisting restaurateurs in the choice of wines according to the market, the clientele and the menus.

    Much more than a business relationship, he offers his clients personalized listening and attention. Francis is able to meet your needs and deliver quickly anywhere in Quebec, directly from the vineyard.

  • A well-established team

    Our delivery and billing service is reliable, fast and efficient. And we know that our customers need to find the same stability in the quality of service as in the quality of our wines.

    Our priority is also to deliver to you quickly, which is why any order placed on Monday or Tuesday will be delivered on Thursday or Friday of the same week.

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Our wines

Classic cuvées

We have taken time, science and patience to develop wines that have become our classics over the years. Discover these cuvées in which 41 years of development, perseverance and above all passion are found!

Signature cuvées

Our range of single varietal wines, made from Vitis vinifera grape varieties.

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