La Part des Anges: 24 seasons away

La Part des Anges: 24 saisons à l'extérieur

During a visit to the Vineyard, have you ever noticed large glass containers on some of our walls and ledges? This is the Part des Anges , a mistelle, which we have been producing since 1993.


Mistelles (from the Italian misto “mixed”) are aperitifs with a strength of between 16 and 22 degrees. They are obtained by combining unfermented fruit juice (grapes or other fruits) with alcohol. Mistelles are produced in several countries including France where well-known mistelles are produced: Ratafia de Champagne, Cartagena and Pineau des Charentes. The latter is made with cognac eau-de-vie which has an alcohol content of between 16 and 22 degrees. A mistelle is therefore a grape or fruit must mutated with alcohol.

What is must and what does mutated with alcohol mean?

Fresh must is essentially unfermented grape juice. Mutated means that we make the grape juice “mute” by preventing it from fermenting and thus fizzing. In the mistelle manufacturing process, the natural fermentation of the grape must is thus stopped by the addition of alcohol.

An exceptional production method!

The glass containers in which we store the Angels' Share are called demijohns. They are first filled with a Vidal must which we then fortify with a Canadian brandy. We place a terracotta pot upside down on the neck of each of the demijohns. Each of them contains approximately 22 liters of mistelle.

Wall of Angels' Share

These glass containers will remain outside, well hung, for 6 years. Nature thus does its work for 24 seasons, and exposes the demijohns alternately to harsh cold, spring mildness and summer heat. Since terracotta is a porous material, over time, air enters the demijohn and very slowly oxidizes the liquid.

Share of the Angels summer

A slow maturation takes place and gives a complex and unique bouquet to La Part des Anges, including notes of dried prunes, walnuts and roasting. A tenth of the liquid content will evaporate during the 6 years of aging. We say there of the angels that they come to get their due! In total, this product will mature for 10 years before being bottled (6 years outside and 4 years in vats). Period of time that we consider ideal for obtaining a beautiful complexity.

Share of the Angels winter

“Part des Anges” is a term used for certain scotch, whiskey and cognac that are aged in barrels and evaporate through the pores of the wood.

Share of Angels under the snow

How to taste La Part des Anges ?

It should be served chilled between 8 to 10°C and enjoyed both as an aperitif and as a digestive. Its notes of walnuts and prunes also go wonderfully with a plate of Quebec cheeses or with a crème brûlée or a flan for dessert!

When tasting, its complex aromas leave any taster dreaming. On the palate, walnuts and prunes are very present, then come the aromas of roasting as well as notes such as butter, honey and caramel, making this product an unforgettable experience.

Share of Angels agreements

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