Our mission and our values

Notre mission et nos valeurs

To be a leader and a reference in the world of wine in Quebec and Canada

Our mission is to offer authentic Quebec wines of superior quality that meet the highest standards in vitiviniculture.

We are committed to it with the enthusiasm of the first day, nourished since 1982 by six values ​​that are most dear to us:

  • The passion specific to entrepreneurs , the one that puts the project first and before us, with an inexhaustible confidence in the future, without expiry date.
  • Innovation at all stages. obsessed with innovation since the early days, we've modified machinery to protect our vines, adapted dairy tanks for vinification, ignited our fields to fight spring frosts, and tried dozens of vine varieties. The beauty of this quest for innovation is that it continues today.
  • The expertise , engine of success, inherited, developed over the course of our history, which enriches our precious know-how and which we share with our peers, for the good of our Quebec viticulture.
  • The integrity of which we are the fervent defenders in the vineyard and in the industry in order to offer wine lovers verifiable traceability and irreproachable quality.
  • Durability , because we are people of tradition, four founders united since long before the first bottle and who protect the soul of this common enterprise against pitfalls. We have favored the interest and the gradual introduction of our children in order to make it perennial.
  • The sustainability and renewal of the resources of this earth that nourishes us , that we must respect to fulfill our duty, and that we pass on to our children in a better state than when we acquired it.

Herve Durand
Charles-Henri de Coussergues
Frank Furtado
Pierre Rodrigue

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