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l'Orpailleur Frisant

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The delicate color with brilliant reflections recalls the petals of roses. The nose is charming and we find all the aromatic richness of Muscats with floral and fruity notes. The palate is light, round, muscaté with aromas of exotic fruits. On the attack, a slight curl tickles the palate and the very fine bubbles bring a nice freshness.

  • Grapes: Vidal, New York Muscat
  • 12% alc./vol. / 750ml
  • First vintage: 2021
  • From a batch of 2,600 bottles

Production method

L'Orpailleur Frisant is a slightly sparkling wine made from a blend of Vidal and Muscat from New York. The latter is one of the most expressive grape varieties in the vineyard. A short pellicular maceration gives it its pink color and a beautiful aromatic intensity.

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Aperitif wine par excellence to be enjoyed on its own or accompanied by appetizers.


“(...) summer wine par excellence. It already charms with its pretty, very pale pink color. Then what a nose! Made with muscat osceola and muscat de New York, two very aromatic hybrid grape varieties, L'Orpailleur Frisant 2021 opens with aromas of fruit and flowers: fresh grapes, orange blossom, rose, raspberry and cherry. We almost expect a little sugar, but it is completely dry, carried by a tonic acidity (…) Low in alcohol, it will be perfect for an aperitif or a picnic on a hot day. »
- Véronique Rivest - The Press

“Totally outstanding and original, this light sparkling wine is vinified in equal parts with Muscat Osceola and Muscat from New York. The seductive pale color challenges scents of rose and wild strawberry. Charming, the palate offers flavors of small red berries whose fine bubbles tickle the taste buds. Its low alcohol volume (10%) and its residual sugar (6 g/l) should be highlighted. Festive as an aperitif and gourmet at the table. »
- Janine Saine - All about wine

Recommended custody

One year following its vintage - in order to preserve its fruit aromas and its freshness

Recommended custody

One year following its vintage - in order to preserve its fruit aromas and its freshness

The natural allies of our reasoned culture

Each of the Frisant cuvées highlights a natural ally of the fauna and flora of the Vineyard, beautifully illustrated by local artist Stéphane Lemardelé.

Year after year, we bottle the finest expression of our terroir, at the heart of a rich and diversified ecosystem that we are committed to preserving.

Vintage 2022 | The bluebird

Thanks to the 90 nesting boxes arranged around the Vineyard, the bluebird, a bird in significant decline in Quebec, is present in our ecosystem. This insectivore plays an essential role in the protection of our vines by consuming more than 1,000 insects per day during the nesting period.

Insectivorous birds at Orpailleur

Vintage 2021 | ladybugs

Ladybirds are naturally present in the ecosystem of the vineyard and play an essential role in the protection of our vines by feeding on harmful insects (aphids).

Useful insects in the vineyard

A new wine to discover at the Vineyard

In 2021, the Vineyard launched a brand new fresh and very aromatic wine, the Orpailleur Frisant !

A sparkling novelty