The economuseum

Sharing our know-how

From our beginnings in 1982, we had a strong desire to share our know-how and our knowledge of wine. In 1989, we were one of the first vineyards to open our doors to visitors to allow them to discover our universe and Quebec viticulture.

In the wake of our educational mission, the Vignoble de l'Orpailleur became a member of the ÉCONOMUSÉE® network in 200 and set up its first interpretation circuit.

ECONOMUSEUM ® | Craftsmen at work

An innovative concept developed in Quebec, the ÉCONOMUSÉE® is an artisanal enterprise selected for its authenticity and the quality of its production.

Established in Quebec, in several Canadian provinces and various countries in northern Europe, the ÉCONOMUSÉE® network brings together artisans who are committed to safeguarding, transmitting and promoting unique know-how.

The Vignoble de l'Orpailleur has been a member of the ÉCONOMUSÉE® Network Society (SRÉ) since 2001.

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