Craftsmen at work

A human and innovative experience

In addition to this privileged and fully human encounter, you will have the opportunity to live unique and different experiences with each of the craftsmen: interpretation trail, virtual visit, animation, multisensory room, tasting, discovery tour and more.

This authentic and innovative experience of meeting the craftsman, recognized internationally, has been promoted by the ÉCONOMUSÉE® network company for more than 30 years.

An enriching experience

During a visit to a craftsman, all the senses are awakened to experience an authentic, unique and quality moment. The visitor route having been carefully thought out; discover the manufacturing processes, discover the craftsman in his workplace, learn facts and anecdotes about each of the trades. Each artisan offers tourist activities with a unique flavor, ranging from conventional interpretation, to virtual reality, tasting and experimentation. It's more than 120 members around the world who offer you a distinctive experience and a unique encounter. To discover all the members of the network:

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