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The true value of a wine can be measured by the Vintners passion

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Creating tradition since 1982

As poetically put into words by Gilles Vigneault, in an original text offered by him to the Vintners, the Orpailleur washes the gold-bearing alluvium to extract gold flakes. Thus, for the first time in Québec, the Orpailleur Vintners have put science, patience and the time it took to extract from Québec soil a dry wine, unique in every way, from varieties planted and harvested here, and its grapes vinified at the vineyard in the best tradition.


The adventure of four passionate men

In this land of rock and weeds, hostile in appearance, we have rooted our convictions, determination and love of the trade to draw out a beautiful story which we bottle year in year out, and that improves over time.

Vintners, fathers and and daughters, and sons

Hervé Durand


Discovering Québec in 1981, Hervé Durand decided to create his first vineyard outside France. With a strong agricultural, oenological and economics background and experience as a grower at Château des Tourelles in the Costières de Nîmes vineyard in France, he purchased the Dunham property, which became Vignoble de l’Orpailleur. Along with his friends and associates, Hervé Durand established l’Orpailleur, considered to be Quebec’s leading vineyard.

Charles-Henri de Coussergues


Born in the south of France in a family of vintners, Charles-Henri manages the Orpailleur Vineyard since 1982. He owns a degree in viticulture oenology, the expertise and know-how that can only be acquired with time. Founding member of the Association des Vignerons du Québec, he presided the organisation between 2008-2016. He is also Grand Master of the noble Confrérie des Vignerons du Québec and a member of the Collège des ambassadeurs du vin au Québec.

Frank Furtado


Show business holds no secrets for Frank Furtado. The scope of his professional accomplishments is a reflection of his outstanding career. His experience includes leading the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Montreal Olympics in 1976, and founding the Concours international des Feux d’artifice de Montréal. Frank had produced countless events and managed the career of several well established artists, including Gilles Vigneault.

Pierre Rodrigue


A seasoned executive well established in the cultural, communications and media sectors, Pierre Rodrigue manages the contractual and legal aspects for l’Orpailleur. Curious, gourmet, connoisseur and travel stories enthusiast, he considers himself the guardian of the soul of the company and guides the story of l’Orpailleur pioneers and founders. Pierre Rodrigue is Vice-President, Québec Affairs.

Maude Furtado


A dynamic and proud successor of her father Frank, Maude is the General Manager of the largest pyrotechnics business in Canada, GFA Pyro. Her assignments require that she travels all over the world. This globe trotter from Québec has acquired enviable expertise in the pyrotechnics and wine market analysis. Involved in the history of Vignoble de l’Orpailleur since birth, she is a valued contributor to its outreach. Her projects will undoubtedly keep on shining brightly.

Guilhem Durand


Guilhem Durand has been involved in Vignoble l’Orpailleur since its creation, and is of the generation that carries out the tradition of the vineyard. With an agricultural, oenological and economics background, he is at the head of Château des Tourelles and of Château de Quillanet in Corbières, both in France. He has a good presence in Quebec and works with the BMT agency to promote des Tourelles wines within the SAQ network.

Love of wine and of the earth

United by the heart

l'Orpailleur Vineyard is a story of women and men sharing the same vision and passion for the pleasures of the palate, the love of wine and the earth, a love story and friendship that has lasted for several decades. The Orpailleur is the culmination of a common dream, community of ideas and respect. A business union, but more importantly, a union of the heart!

The team

Marc Grau

Cellar Master

At the vineyard since : 1991

Formation : BTS ECUS

Marc’s interest : Everything from the grape to the cork. A sentence that characterizes him: Do things seriously without taking yourself seriously.

Sylvie Livernoche

Administrative director

At the vineyard since : 1996

Sylvie’s interest : The diversity of work. She is cheerful, energetic and likes things to move forward. That’s why we rarely find her sitting at her desk.


Chef of culture

At the vineyard since : 2015

Formation: viticulture

Alain’s interest : Viticulture, working outdoors and maple syrup.



At the vineyard since : 2015

Christiane’s interest : Her good humor is contagious and she loves to share her knowledge.



Viticultural technician

Formation : Certificate in viticulture and oenology (Burgundy, France)

At the vineyard since : 2017

Sarah’s interest : travel, nature and viticulture in Quebec.



Manager – Wine tourism and boutique

At the vineyard since : 2020

Lucie’s interest : her nickname is Mme Fromage. Passionate by the cheeses of Quebec artisans, her work in the vineyard can only be a good match.


Laure de Coussergues

Communications Manager

At the vineyard since : 2020

Formation: B.A.A. international management

Laure’s interest : l’Orpailleur, who has been part of her life since she was little. The world of wine, there is so much to discover.

Nicolas Chiaramonte


At the vineyard since : 2020

Nicola’s interest : creating delicious food and wine pairings and discovering the province of Quebec.

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