La Marquise de l’Orpailleur


Cherry red color with brilliant reflections; the Marquise has a generous nose of citrus fruits and grenadine. The palate is festive with an explosion of fruit aromas, notes of chocolate and candied orange zest as well as a slight vanilla finish.

Elaboration method

Rosé wine with maceration of citrus fruits and spices.

Technical sheet

Grape : 50% vidal, 50% frontenac
16 % alc./vol. / 500 ml
Service temperature : 7 to 10°C
Recommended Custody : High ageing potential
First vintage : 2000


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Serve at cocktail time or with candied pineapple smothered in maple syrup, caramelized apples, 70% cocoa chocolate, figs and honey, carrot cake, white chocolate mousse.
La Marquise de l’Orpailleur
« Beautiful amber colour. Flower, mandarin bark and orgeat flavours with fresh grape overtones. Smooth and well-balanced, long-lasting and pleasant taste with a slightly bitter finale for an added feeling of freshness. A romantic aperitif. »
- Thierry Debeur – Le petit Debeur
« It was a bygone era when Pagnol brought hischaracters to life in Provence, filled with sweet smells and sunlight. When townspeople gathered on Sunday afternoons, Marquise wine was served. Each household had its own recipe, its own unique flavour. Men talked loudly, women more quietly, but the most important things remained unspoken. Love was in the air, people enjoyed each other’s company and laughed without inhibitions. We’ve tried to recreate the joy and poetry of those times: raise a cheer and be happy! »
- Marc Grau

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