L’Orpailleur Gewurztraminer

Ce vin est victime de sa popularité. Il est en rupture de stock, nous en sommes navrés.
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The Orpailleur Gewurztraminer, assertive and deliciously delicate, will please you, it will seduce you. Its robe reflects the color of pale yellow grapes with gray pink hues. The nose is flattering with rich and varied notes. Rose, mango and pineapple are present. Thyme also makes an appearance. Then, on the palate, the aromas that had appeared in the first place make a come back. The wine is fresh and silky. It has a nice balance, making the tasting beautiful and pleasant.



11,5 % alc./vol. / 750 ml


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L’Orpailleur Gewurztraminer

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