La part des anges


Its complex aromas are a wine taster’s dream. An initial walnut and prune taste gives way to hues of roasted grains, butter, honey and caramel. An unforgettable experience.

Elaboration method

The winemaker chooses the most golden grapes from his vineyard and combines their juice with eau-de-vie. This assembly is then transferred to outdoor demi-johns where aging begins amidst the changing seasons. For at least 24 seasons, the mix slowly matures and acquires a complex and unique aroma. The container is not sealed and allows for seasonal evaporation.

Isn’t this what angels must be drinking?

Technical sheet

Grape : 100 % seyval blanc
17% alc./vol. / 200 ml
Service temperature : 8 to 10°C
Recommended Custody : Many years
First vintage : 1993


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At cocktail hour, with roasted scallops in a buttery sauce, cold meat cuts, pastries as well as goat cheese or blue cheese.
La part des anges
« A unique concoction made from seyval grapes, matured in a demi-john and subjected to the rigours of our Québec’s climate. An original, intense and savoury wine with fruity overtones punctuated by a slight touch of rancio. Fantastic with an after dinner cheese plate. »
- Nadia Fournier - Le Guide du vin Phaneuf 2013

Bronze Medal / Concours Les Grands vins du Québec / 2012
Silver Medal / Concours Les Grands vins du Québec / 2001

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