Cuvée Natashquan


Bright and golden colour. Sweet smells of peat, undergrowth and white pear. Well-structured, with aromas of vanilla a finale reminiscent of blond tobacco and white flowers with round, richly blended and structured tannins.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this wine is donated to the Fondation du patrimoine Gilles Vigneault. In 1982, he provided the inspiration for our vineyard’s name. Thanks Gilles.

13 % alc./vol. / 750 ml

Elaboration method

This wine comes from a harvest selected for its unique terroir and mature grapes. Fermented in oak casks, of which 30% are new. During the first three months, the cellar master stirs the wine to dislodge the dregs and restore their state of suspension for more volume and richness. Overall the aging process lasts 12 months.


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Cuvée Natashquan
« Volume and a full bodied texture, supported by a string of acidity that contributes to its structure on the palate.Very good example of what the Québec terroir can give as a substantial and serious white wine.”
- Nadia Fournier - le Guide du Vin Phaneuf 2018 (about the 2015 vintage)

Bronze Medal / Finger Lakes International Wine Competition / 2017
Gold Medal / Concours Les Grands Vins du Québec / 2015
Gold Medal / Sélections Mondiales / 2015
Silver Medal / Coupe des Nations 2014
Silver Medal / Sélections mondiales des vins Canada 2014
Distinction / Coupe des Nations / 2013
Silver Medal / Concours Les Grands Vins du Québec / 2012
Gold Medal / Concours Les Grands Vins du Québec / 2011
Top 10 vins du Québec / Guide Aubry / 2011
Silver Medal / Concours Les Grands Vins du Québec / 2010
Silver Medal / Coupe des Nations / 2010
Gold Medal / Fête des Vendanges Magog-Orford / 2010

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