The Cuvée Natashquan in honor of Gilles Vigneault

Publié le 23 March 2021

Did you know that the Orpailleur Vineyard owes its name to our great Quebec poet Gilles Vigneault?

In 1985, Gilles Vigneault came to visit his friend Frank Furtado (one of the co-owners) who told him about his new wine adventure. Mr. Vigneault was a little skeptical about the success of such a project. It was then that he compared these winegrowers to an Orpailleur (a gold digger).

We were charmed by this idea and adopted it by taking the name of Vignoble de l’Orpailleur. We have also, anchored in our hearts for nearly 40 years, a wonderful poem by Gilles Vigneault inspired by our adventure.

The Cuvée Natashquan

Gilles Vigneault thus became the godfather of the vineyard – a great pride for its four founders. In order to thank him, they had the idea to create a cuvée in his honour.

The wine is made a bit like a song. First comes the idea and follows a long process of creation. Time and perseverance, two ingredients that will allow us to put the right words on paper and to make a wine succeed with the sole objective of making us experience an emotion.

In 2007, the gesture joined the word and we produced our first Cuvée Natashquan. We named it to enhance Gilles Vigneault’s native village on the North Shore.


Elaboration method

This wine is made from a harvest of chardonnay and vidal. Fermentation takes place in oak barrels, 30% of which are in new barrels. During the winter, over a period of about 90 days, the cellar master stirs the wine to dislodge the dregs and restore their state of suspension for more volume and richness. Overall the aging process lasts 12 months.

In the “rare wines” category, this cuvée is certainly worth the detour. Its blend of Chardonnay and Vidal is very successful, rich and fruity at the same time. It tastes like Quebec and that’s what I like! “Jessica Harnois, Le Bel Age

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Gilles Vigneault Heritage Foundation

For 14 years, a portion of the sales of this cuvée has been donated annually to the Fondation du Patrimoine Gilles Vigneault. In 2020, we paid close to $ 8,500 which was directly allocated to the restoration and enhancement of Gilles Vigneault’s heritage and family site in Natashquan.

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