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Publié le 13 August 2021

Here is the continuation of our cheese pairings, this time with rosé!

Who says rosé, usually says aperitif on the terrace, swimming pool, BBQ marinated shrimp. But cheeses? There are so many different rosés that it would be simplistic to give you just one way to match your rosé with one type of cheese.

So let’s talk about rosé for a few lines. To make rosé wine, black grapes are used whose flesh is white or translucent and whose juice is white. It is the skin (with its anthocyanins) that brings color to the wine. We will look for this coloring by pressing or by bleeding.

In the first case, the grapes are pressed and depending on the grape variety and its maturity, we will obtain a more or less pale rosé. Rosés de pressed (direct pressing) are generally lighter and paler. A rosé de saignée is obtained following a more or less long maceration of the grapes in the vat and the result is a wine that is generally more colorful and endowed with a little tannins.

So, in general terms, rosés de pressed will be more suitable for fresh cheeses, whether they are from cow, goat or sheep. For the bleeding rosés, we would go for slightly matured cheeses, with a bloomy or even washed rind. Light rosé, light cheese… strong rosé, strong cheese! This is often what I have read. But in all cases, it is preferable to marry your rosé with a cheese from the same terroir.

L’Orpailleur rosé is a rosé with direct pressing, or rosé de pressed, a blend of seyval noir and vidal. The result is a balanced wine with aromas of field berries, a floral side reminiscent of the white flower and a fresh finish on cranberries.

The Chemin de Hatley from the Fromagerie La Station, Le Pont blanc or the Iberville from the Fromagerie Au gré des champs and the Zacharie Cloutier from the Fromagerie de la Nouvelle-France will make your effort to restrain completely useless!

Come on, enjoy this beautiful summer!

Lucie B.

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